Recorded Study Groups & One Day Course

Continue your studies with Phil

Recordings of ANY of Phil’s previous study groups or the one day course are available for purchase. The recordings will come complete with all of the study materials from the session.  Please E-mail for a list of previous study groups and the link to pay for the material you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Phil will e-mail you all of the materials for each study group including a recording of the session and a copy of the information covered in that session. 

We want you to succeed and PASS. You will have access to your material to review for a year before losing access. However if you still have not passed by the end of the year please contact us so we can renew your access for longer for no additional cost!  

We encourage you to check out Phil’s free videos and content on YouTube to see if his style is the right fit for you before you purchase any courses. Access to your study materials are immediate so there will be no refund after you receive access when you make a purchase. Purchasing previous study groups has the same Terms & Conditions as purchasing the live study group sessions.