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Work through questions one on one. Get advise on your approach to studying, learn about Phil's signature approach to answering application questions, and build the confidence to finally PASS

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Phillip Luttrell is a LMSW-C clinical social worker and sole founder of Phil in the Gaps. He is currently working full time as a substance abuse therapist in Michigan in addition to helping others SUCCEED at passing the test. Known for his motivational, inspirational, and informational YouTube videos Phil has expanded this passion for teaching into Phil in the Gaps to offer more in depth exclusive content. Phil in the Gaps was founded to help break down and share his signature approach to learning content and applying it directly to answering those difficult applications questions.

Phillip Luttrell

Commonly Asked Questions

Possibly? Check out my teaching style for free in my YouTube videos to see if it helps you out. Everyone learns differently so my program may or may not be the best fit for you. You know yourself, your learning style and your goals. I am always honored when people choose to use my materials to help along the way!

Failing the exam can be part of the process that leads to success in the end. DO NOT let failure stop you from achieving your dream! I hope my services or free resources can help you harness this experience to move forward to pass on your next attempt

Don’t ever believe anyone who claims they have a 100% passing rate. I don’t have a “rate” but I do know that over 1,000 people have reached out to thank me for helping them PASS (listen to all the shout outs on my YouTube videos 🙂 


This is the best way to study and learn how to break down the questions. The way he elaborates questions is very similar to the actual exam, he is the best resource I found that actually helped me pass my test.
Amanda I.
Phil is awesome! he breaks down the questions for you which is helpful, he teaches you what the test is looking for and does a great job motivating you which helps with the anxiety of taking the test!!! I am so glad I found him and passed!!!
Shania M
Phil is absolutely phenomenal! I recommend his expertise and knowledge if you are looking for a personal experience in learning! He is attentive, knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. He hosts his study groups and it feels like you’re studying with family. If you are looking to PASS the test and fill in the gaps of what your missing then Phil in the Gaps is your group! He spends the time with you until you get it. It is worth it!!! By the way I PASSED THE TEST! So do yourself a favor and look him up.​
Pebbles J.
Phil is by far the best resource I found in my exam prep. His videos, resources, and the acronyms were extremely helpful for me. I passed my exam on my first try. I really liked the way he broke down questions and explained to you why he eliminated choices and why certain choices were more correct than the others. I also bought the Apgar book, but I found his videos much more helpful.
Jordan S.

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Social Work is a difficult but rewarding career.  ALWAYS REMEMBER to practice self care, especially through this difficult process of advancing your career! “You can’t always change your circumstances, but you can always change your attitude”